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Consultant agronomist


At Earthworm Foundation, we believe that more responsible supply chains are possible. To this end, we work daily with companies to develop solutions that are environmentally sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change, biodiversity loss and water related issues.

In 2023, we developed the Living Soils Program in Switzerland with the aim of accelerating the transition to soil-regenerating agriculture, as we believe that resilient supply chains require healthy soils, abundant biodiversity and functioning water cycles.

That's where you come in!

As a consultant agronomist, your job will be to build trust with farmers, conduct a diagnostic of their farms and support the establishment of an action plan to lead the farm towards soil regeneration practices. This action plan will then be followed up with several meetings during the year with the farmers. The project currently involves around ten farms throughout Switzerland. All have market  gardening and vegetables in their rotation.

Your missions:

  • Understand and be operational on the indicators of the regenerative agriculture program and the IT tools used to collect information from farmers (GHG assessment tool, internal tool for calculating impact indicators, etc.)
  • Conduct interviews with farmers to collect data, collect soil samples, assess soil structure (training in soil structure analysis via visual assessment will be provided).
  • Learning modelling tools and using them to model indicators on farms based on collected input data
  • Check data quality and indicator calculation using the tools provided.
  • Report on all the difficulties encountered and document solutions.
  • Explain the results and the indicators to the farmer and use those to inform action planning.• After analysing the context, develop an action or experimentation plan for soil regeneration practices. Mobilize external resources (studies, reports, technical partners) if necessary to re- fine the action plan in line with the crops grown on the farm. The approach must be systemic and rotation-wide, but will concern farmers with vegetables in their crop rotation.
  • Support the experimentation or action plan deployment done with the farmers, collect data, analyse and report on the results.
  • Provide inputs for the continuous improvement of the framework of technical indicators
  • Physical condition sufficient for outdoor field work, Travel across Switzerland needed.

Your profile:

You have a real desire to take action for the environment and are expert about resilient agriculture. You're familiar with the agricultural sector in Switzerland and the people involved. You thrive on human relations and understand the need to adapt our agricultural system to climate change. You're also looking for hands-on experience, enabling you to meet farmers from all over Switzerland.

  • In depth knowledge of agroecology, regenerative agriculture and practices to improve soil quality, water and biodiversity on farm.
  • Competence in market gardening technical itineraries
  • Excellent interpersonal and outreach skills to speak to different audiences
  • Ability to speak in Swiss German, German and English. French is a plus.
  • Autonomy and thoroughness in data processing and reporting to farmers
  • Officially registered as consultant.

Working with us

If you're looking for meaning, with a desire to take action for the environment directly in the field, this is the mission for you.

This first engagement could be extended upon mutual agreement after this assignment.

If you are interested in this adventure, please send your application to before 15/02/2024, specifying "Living Soils Agronomist Consultant" in the subject line.