enables ambitious professionals to engage in meaningful work on important issues.


  • Support highly qualified talents in finding the right opportunity and make a difference.
  • Support Impact Companies sourcing top talent to achieve the aspired impact.
  • Provide meaningful work.

impactcareers is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and specifically focuses on the topics Environment, Education, Renewable Energy, Impact Investing, Food and Health. Across these topics, impactcareers promotes opportunities related to Innovation, Tech, Transformation, Sustainability, Consulting as well as Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

For Employers

Job posts on are free but required to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Job role has significant impact in organization.
  • Organization engages for important matters in environment and/or society.
  • Job requires highly qualified professional (with university education)

In order to provide a diverse offering, there will be maximum one job post per company per week and we try to balance industry and functional areas of job posts.

About Gaudenz / Biveroni & Associates is a non-profit initiative founded by Gaudenz Biveroni.

With Biveroni & Associates, Gaudenz recruits top Professionals for high performance teams in the area of Innovation, Tech, Transformation, Business Development, Management Consulting and Impact Investing.

"Enabling people to apply their talent and engage in meaningful work is highly desired but even more importantly, there are pressing matters who need brilliant minds at work and we cannot afford qualified professionals to waste their talent in low value jobs. Thus with impactcareers, I support top talents in finding opportunities to make a difference and at the same time enable impact companies to source required talent."

Gaudenz Biveroni
Founder of / Biveroni & Associates