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impactfellows association

The impactfellows association was founded with the purpose to link ambitious professionals with teams & organizations with which they can unfold their potential and make a difference.

discover - grow - impact

impactfellows fosters initiatives that help talents explore promising career paths (“discover”), experience steep learning curves (“grow”) and make a significant difference (“impact”).
impactcareers is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and specifically focuses on the topics Environment, Education, Renewable Energy, Impact Investing, Food and Health. Across these topics, impactcareers promotes opportunities related to Innovation, Tech, Transformation, Sustainability, Consulting as well as Leadership & Entrepreneurship.


Six years ago, I launched as a place for ambitious talents to find career inspiration and opportunities to make a difference. The platform does serve as a great tool to enable matching talent & opportunity at a greater scale than e.g. classic recruitment. However, I learned that for the real magic to happen, an online platform is not enough - instead of thousands of users online (impactcareers currently serves 5k unique visitors per month), I believe there can be more impact by fewer people if they actually meet each other. So in addition to the current platform, I aspire to add formats where *you* can connect with the impactcareers community online as well as offline.
Every day, I get asked for career advice, job opportunities and introductions but I am a hopeless bottleneck. While I do enjoy being sought after, in order to make things happen, you have to connect with each other.
Therefore, with impactfellows, I am setting out to enlist more people to help turn impactcareers a) into a financially self-sustaining association with the help of partners & members and b) growing it into a place where meaningful encounters lead to positive impact.

About me

Hi, my name is Gaudenz and I am a stubborn seeker of meaningful work and impact. Prompted by the widespread waste of talent and the rarely questioned endless pursuits of money and status, I started looking for ways to help people discover careers with purpose. With impactfellows, I would like to offer a space and bring together a community of impact-seekers and difference makers. My ambition is to enable people to pursue a meaningful career while unfolding their potential and contributing to an important cause.
Interested in joining our case or otherwise seeking meaningful work and impact? Connect with me!